Ditco’s Spreader and Plow Controls provide you with a wide range of design features that are tried and true solutions. First, we use an embedded microprocessor design approach to each control system we build. We have a design philosophy to make our controllers tough: They function over a wide industrial temperature range(-40 C to + 85 C) as well as a wide vehicle voltage range (10vdc to 32vdc), with protection for the electronics against reverse polarity and high voltage transients. We further protect our controllers against ground bounce (common mode noise) and guard against Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), both incoming and outgoing. Our designs are proven to survive electric arc welding while the controller is connected.

Our valve output drivers, typically pulse-width-modulated (PWM) type, are sourcing outputs with adjustable PWM frequency to best accommodate all of the industry standard valve manufacturers. The driver outputs are current controlled for precise spool positioning with both open circuit and short circuit detection, and protection. In the event a hydraulic coil were to short circuit, our controller instantly shuts the driver (latched) off, and automatically reset itself when a corrected coil is re-installed. The same is done in the case of a shorted cable or connector. In the event of an unexpected power turn-off situation, where data logging is being used, the microprocessor uses an internal short-term, keep-alive voltage supply in order to properly save any critical data.

Our engineers employ design approaches to ensure a rugged design by using adhesive to axially mounted components and board coatings where extreme moisture occurs. Our new designs are placed into environmental chambers to simulate -40C to +85C temperature, vigorously shake tested to confirm ruggedness, and are subjected to extensive quality control inspections. When required, our designs use multi-layer circuit board construction to achieve maximum power and ground planes. ALL of our products go through vigorous quality control, and 48 hour burn-in run time at full load and elevated temperatures if required. We do this and more to ensure our products have a long life. We have spreader controls that have been operating in the cabs of trucks for 30 years.





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