Put your production equipment into a modern control position with our superior quality agricultural and mining product designs. At Ditco, we understand that having the correct equipment and maintaining complete control makes all the difference in day-to-day production and safe operation. With that in mind, our design engineers take pride in providing you with our technology solutions.

Orchard wind-machines offer an excellent frost protection solution to prevent damage to valuable crops during cold months. We have worked closely with one of Washington’s largest manufacturers of orchard fans to develop an integrated control system. Our control automatically starts and stops the fan based on a temperature the operator determines. By using radio-frequency and satellite technology, an operator is able to remotely monitor and control the entire orchard to protect it from weather damage. These systems have been installed and used across the globe.

Steering and guidance controls enable raspberry and strawberry machines to drive in a straight path without continuous human guidance. Our raspberry picker control “feels” the base of the vine to not only guide the vehicle in a straight line, but prevent the plant from being damaged as well. Strawberry picker machines allow workers to safely and efficiently pick the crop by using large wing conveyors to stretch across the rows. The strawberry picker control we developed offers four wheel steering and guidance, speed control, conveyor control, and remote emergency shut-down.

Mining Controls

Deep core drilling has been made easier with the help of our drilling instrumentation tools. These designs help determine the weight-on-bit force, drill RPM, cutting fluid control, wire line speed, etc. Our specialized types of monitoring equipment allow you to determine how fast and deep each shift is doing.



  • DS203 – Fertilizer Spreader Control

  • EH123 – Raspberry Picker Steering Guidance Control

    • contact Ditco for more information
  • EH134 – Strawberry Picker Guidance Control – Auto Steer, Auto/Manual

  • EH211 – Automatic Leveling Controller

  • RD301 – Force Readout (Mining)

  • RF100 – Radio Node

    • contact Ditco for more information
  • SI100 – Satellite Uplink

    • contact Ditco for more information
  • SV100 – Automatic Monitor and Control


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