Ditco designs many control products for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). These designs are private labeled and Ditco will only sell them to the company that paid for their development. However, Ditco will share some generic information about these OEM designs in order to demonstrate our capabilities and engineering successes. Any company should feel free to contact Ditco about designing specific control products to meet their needs. Upon approval, Ditco team will design, manufacture, and support the OEM’s unique controllers. The following is a list of featured OEM products that we have designed and produced for many years.



  • CP100 – Cylinder position balance meter
  • CT100 – Timer based sequence output control
  • DL104 – Handheld program tool for the SM200, RT400, OR201
  • DL200 – Handheld terminal
  • DY400 – 3 axis motor control for table router
  • EC101 – Generator frequency control
  • EH214 – Abrasive water-jet, loss-of-flow monitor
  • EH310 – Firetruck foam / water pump control
  • FL100 – Pump motor diagnostics, water-jet cutter
  • GC100 – Lube controller
  • GC200 – Hammer grease controller
  • HP700 – Hone control, seat-n-guide
  • LC101 – Automatic stairway control
  • LC201 – Keypad for automatic stairway
  • LC301 – Keyfob for automatic stairway
  • MD100 – Wireline speed, force and distance monitor
  • OR201 – Orchard fan controller
  • PC100 – Profile cutter for grinding reliefs pavement
  • QT300 – Quilting mating motion controller
  • RD301 – Deep hole drill force readout
  • RT300 – Surfacer
  • RT400 – Seat-n-Guide
  • SM200 – Stepper driven hydraulic two valve control
  • SM400 – Stepper driven hydraulic four valve control
  • SU100 – Ground mounted boat lift
  • SU200 – Pontoon mounted boat lift



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