Let Ditco harness the power of electro-hydraulics for you. Our design engineers can take your requirements and use them to create unique and powerful designs that will be a lasting solution for your control needs. Using embedded microprocessor designs, with tried and true hardware and software elements, our team will create the exact control system to meet your requirements. At Ditco we take pride to produce the best controls for your heavy industrial mobile equipment.

Taking a leadership position in the electro-hydraulics motion control industry, we are committed to providing you with the very best manufactured products on the market. We can offer you a number of controller solutions for your motion control requirements. Examples include: single axis and multi-axis controllers, minimum and maximum speed control limiters, ramping controls, steering, guidance, pick and place, automatic bearing lubrication controllers, and many more.

Today’s proportional coils used by most electro-hydraulic systems achieve excellent flow and pressure control. Ditco has designed numerous electro-hydraulic control products that incorporate advanced valve driver technology for the precise control of electronic pulse-width-modulated (PWM) proportional valves. Regardless of which control technologies you want to employ, such as joysticks, speed and position control, etc., our electronic controllers will drive your hydraulic valves correctly.




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