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About Us

When you need electronic controls to ensure that your heavy equipment isfunctioning optimally, Ditco can provide the innovative designs you require. Located in Kent, Washington. Since 1990, Ditco has worked with OEMs across the country designing and developing cutting-edge, turnkey products to keep their operations running efficiently.

With a combined 40-years of experience in the on-road and off-road industry. Our experienced engineers and technicians will work directly withyour engineers and production supervisors in order to specify the exact product designs you need. We understand that time is money and we will work quickly to build prototypes and then to get your newly designed controls into production so you can keep your important deadlines. We work diligently to make sure the designs we manufacture for you are built and assembled to the highest standards, all control products go through adetailed quality control screening and thorough sufficient burn-in time to ensure they will go out of the box directly to your machines and work everytime.

At Ditco, we pride ourselves on not only delivering you top-caliber designs with personalized customer service. We service your hardware and provide software upgrades on all designs we create, usually within a turnaround time of only a few days. From training to repairs to upgrades, our team can handle it all.

Electro-Hydraulic Controls

Stay ahead of the technological curve with our electronic controllers for theheavy industrial market, on and off highway. At Ditco, we offer a full servicedesign team. Research and specification composition, Schematic design,Component research, Printed Circuit layout, custom user interface,versatile inputs and power outputs and durable all weather packaging.

Agricultural Controls

Ditco has created the right designs for control your farming equipmentand to manage your production. We offer automatic steering and autolevelingcontrols for wheat, strawberry, raspberry picking machines andautomatic temperature triggered start/stop controls for fruit orchard fans.

Snow & Ice Spreader Controls

Our top-notch spreader controls are designed to be durable, practical andeasy to use. Ditco offers granular spreaders and liquid pre-wet sprayercontrollers. We use innovative proportional hydraulic valve drivers, groundspeed spreader modulation and data logging techniques to implement yourSnow & Ice spreading policies.