Ditco is Open!

Ditco remains open during the “Stay-at-home” order issued across Washington state. Our products and services support vital industries such as Agriculture and Road Maintenance. We are taking precautions to stay healthy while operating at full capacity; feel free to contact us. Stay safe and healthy!

Infrared Temperature Sensor and Display

Only $399.00!

Ditco, Inc’s Infrared Temperature Sensor and Display combo can be used for any number of no-contact temperature sensing applications. The temperature sensor’s rugged construction allows for a variety of outdoor installations, while the display can be mounted safely inside. Quick response time with easy to read display. High and Low temperature alarms available. Currently being used by snow plows and spreader trucks to measure Road Surface temperature for snow and ice management.


Watch a quick demonstration here: https://youtu.be/LEcpqHhAbVY


Contact Ditco, Inc to place an order or for more information, volume pricing available upon request

New Spreader Controller!

Ditco Inc’s NEW Spreader Controller is finally here! The AS401 has brand new features, while maintaining all the classic features of the popular AS3. The AS4’s new features include:

        —Adjustable Pre-wet Liquid Control—

        —Easy-to-read, 2X16 Organic LED display—

        —USB Port for Data Logging—

        —Setup made Simpler with New Software—


Contact Ditco for more information!


Electro-Hydraulic Controls

Ditco has designed numerous electro-hydraulic control products that use advanced technology for the precise control of electronic proportional valves. We have a wide range of controls to meet your needs for: single- and multi-axis joysticks, speed control, ramping, steering, guidance, pick and place, automatic bearing lubrication, and many more.

Snow & Ice Management

Ditco offers granular spreaders, liquid pre-wet sprayer, plow controllers, and temperature monitors. Our top-notch spreader controls are designed to be durable, practical, and easy to use. We use innovative proportional hydraulic valve drivers, ground speed spreader modulation, and data logging to implement your Snow & Ice spreading policies.

Agricultural Controls

Ditco has created the right designs for controlling your farming equipment and to manage your production. We offer: automatic steering and automatic leveling controls for wheat, strawberry, raspberry picking machines; fertilizer spreaders; automatic start/stop controls for fruit orchard fans; force and RPM monitoring for mining operations.


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