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A brief outline of our more common designs

Ditco Inc. has been providing electronic technology services to OEM's for over fifteen years. We specialize in developing products for the electro-hydraulics motion control industry. Our services include embedded microprocessor development, hardware and software design, prototyping and complete turn key manufacturing. Our trained staff will provide you with a wide range of support including; training, repairs and upgrades.

The following list of designs and applications show our diversity in product development:

  • Spreader controls for off road and highway equipment. This line of controls is used to regulate material rates such as sand and salt commonly used by state and county road maintenance organizations. In addition to the granular spreading controls Ditco offers liquid pre-wetting de-icing controls. All of these controls adapt readily to different vehicle makes and models and are equipped with sensor inputs for reading vehicle ground speed and conveyor shaft speeds. Expanded features include closed loop speed control, manual control, data logging and printing.
  • Steering and guidance controls for agricultural equipment. These controls include row followers for berry picking, auto levelers for wheat harvesters, vehicle speed controls for sod cutting and four wheel steering for mobile field conveyors.
  • Joystick controls for operating plows, dump bodies and other large vehicle actuators that require pick-n-place functions. This control features on our four axis joystick include integrated electro-hydraulic drivers and a unique programmable setup for customizing he joystick.
  • Engine start controls for operating isolated equipment based on time of day, temperature or other conditional requirements.
  • Refrigeration control for chilling sea water holding tanks on fishing boats. These controls measure the chilled water temperature and refrigerant pressure to properly start/stop and sequence the compressor, re-circulation pump and throttle the suction valve.
  • Hot Bonder control that reads twelve channels of temperature and one vacuum to control the thermal lamination process for composite manufacturing and repair. These controls operate as portable equipment in harsh environments. The controller will regulate 7000 watts of resistive heat.
  • Stepper motor controls for hydraulic flow control valve. This line of OEM controls provides solutions for a wide range of motion control applications; refuge truck auto dump articulation, electronic tie-rod for steering large gantry vehicles, reach stack auto leveler, brush cutters, forklift controls, and many others.
  • Pressure balancing control used for regulating foam pressure and water pressure on fire suppression equipment. By controlling the foam pressure in direct relation to the water pressure this system ensures the correct ratio of foam to water is maintained to create an effective fire suppression without material waste.

Some other applications:

  • Cutting control that regulates the speed, spacing and depth for grinding roadside rumble strips
  • Frequency control for regulating the speed of a hydraulic-electric generator, maintains 60 hz.
  • Force calculation and readout for hydraulic controlled drilling, 20000 lbs. force
  • Abrasive Loss of Flow detector for high pressure abrasive assisted water jet cutter
  • Tub grinding horsepower and anti-jam control for grinding up tree stumps and excavation waste
  • Tow vehicle shutdown controls for sensing an over-pull condition when moving aircraft
  • Honing control for engine rebuilding machinery, using motor load current to regulate hone feed and force

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