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24P01 Single Valve Controller - Panel Mount Version

24P01.pdf The 24P Valve Driver provides a full-featured control for operating single acting proportional valve coils. The valve driver develops an adjustable pulse width modulated output in direct response to the front panel knob position. This compact design is easy to install and set up for immediate operation.

24P02 Single Valve Controller - Remote Mount Version

24P02.pdf The 24P02 is a simple solution for remoting the control knob from the 24P01 valve driver. The 24P02 is the same full featured control for driving single acting proportional valve coils. The valve driver develops an adjustable pulse width modulated output in direct response to the front panel knob position. The compact design requires minimal panel space. The alum. cover is used as the mounting clip.

EH101 Controller

EH101.pdf The EH100 is a compact and versatile electronic module that utilizes a micro- controller to achieve precise control of most electro-hydraulic proportional control valves. The EH100 offers the OEM designer an array of standard features with which to implement a semi-custom control system. The EH100 comes complete with digital inputs, analog inputs, Power Mosfet valve drive outputs, adjustment trimmers, de-pluggable screw terminal interface, status LED's and a port for a remote display.

EH200 Electro-Hydraulic Controller

EH200.pdf The EH200 is a versatile electronic module for controlling electro-hydraulic systems. The EH200 offers the OEM designer an array of standard features with which to implement a custom control system. The EH200 provides digital inputs, analog inputs, PWM current controlled valve drive outputs, liquid crystal display, user keypad, RS232 port, 32K flash memory, 8 and 12 bit A/D, voltage reference, and more. Our factory engineers can quickly and efficiently help implement your custom control requirements.

EH300 OEM Control Platform

EH300.pdf The EH300 is a versatile electro-hydraulic controller for OEM applications. This design features an embedded micro controller with 12 kilobytes of application memory for custom OEM applications. The EH300 offers four current sourcing outputs, two digital inputs and two analog inputs, making the EH300 a great platform for developing small to medium size OEM control solutions.

JS101 Four Axis Joystick Controller

JS101.pdf The JS101 is a four axis programmable joystick controller with integral electro-hydraulic valve drivers. The joystick mechanism utilizes a non- contacting, non-inductive, solid state, fixed field magnetic flux sensor technology. The JS101 can drive up to four of electro-proportional 4-way valves. These can be pulse width modulated coils or solenoid coils, with momentary or latching control.

JS101 Family Multi-Axis Joystick Electro-Hydraulic Controller

JS101.pdf The JS101 is a programmable joystick controller with fully adjustable pulse width modulated valve drivers. Settings include ramping, deadband, exclusive vs crossing, safe vs deadman. The joystick mechanism requires a light touch of only 1 lb. to actuate. It has a small footprint, making it easy to install even in the tightest of layouts.

AS301 Automatic Spreader Controller

AS301.pdf The AS301 is the latest advancement in automatic spreader control technology. It offers the popular features most often requested by today's equipment users. The AS301 provides both a manual or an automatic control with pounds per mile regulation using vehicle ground speed. The AS301 has two electro-hydraulic valve drivers, one for the auger (conveyor) and one for the spinner. Each valve drive output is current regulated with pulse width modulation and min. and max. trim adjustments so that the AS301 can operate with any electro-proportional valve.

CS102 Combined Spreader and Liquid Controller

CS102.pdf The CS102 combines three controls into one. First as a standard spreader control the CS102 regulates granular products using a standard conveyor (or auger) and spinner, ground speed control in pounds per mile. Secondly, the CS102 adds a low flow liquid control in gallons per ton over the granular control for those vehicles that pre-wet the granular material as it exits the hopper. Third, the CS102 can control the larger liquid product pumps required for de-icing applications, control is in gallons per mile.

DL106 Data Bridge

DL106.pdf The DL106, nicknamed the Data Bridge, is a completely self contained memory module used to transfer all trip totals from the spreader control to a personal computer. The Data Bridge can store trip data for up to 250 different trucks. The Data Bridge is easy to use, simply connect it to the DS2 and the data is automatically transfered. The DS2 stamps each trip record with the starting and ending dates and times. After the data transfer is complete the trip totals are cleared and the DS2 is ready for continued data logging. The Data Bridge never needs batteries since the power comes directly from the DS2 spreader control.

RD200 Handheld Program Tool

RD200.pdf The RD200 is a small handheld display and keypad module. It plugs into the SPI port of a Motiv controller for viewing or editing program information. The RD200 allows the installer to quickly set up an electro-hydraulic controller with variables like; PWM frequency, valve drive minimum and maximums, ramp, etc.

RP101/2 Remote Switch / Pot Assembly

RP101/2.pdf The RP100 switch/pot assemblies are used to create a valve drive control where the operator's station needs to be remoted from 24P valve driver. The standared 24P01 comes with an integral switch/pot assembled directly to the control board. To create remote operation control order p/n 24P02 and one of the two switch/pot assemblies shown here. A short pigtail cable with mating connector comes with each 24P02. This cable is color coded for easy connection to the switch/pot assembly. The installer can add additional length to the cable.

FP101 Field Printer

FP101.pdf The FP100 is a portable field printer for down loading data and calibration information from a spreader controller. The printer connects directly to the comm. port of the following spreader controls, DS200, CS100, LA700. The portable printer allows the user to easily record the spreader information from each vehicle.

RD301 Force Readout

RD301.pdf The RD301 is an industrial grade display equipped with a programmable micro controller. Two pressure transducers are used to measure the A and B port pressures of a hydraulic cylinder and the cylinder measurements ( bore, rod dia, max sensor psi ) are programmed into the RD301. A resulting calculation of the total force being applied by the ram is displayed in pounds. The RD301 features a pushbutton for the operator to zero out the currently displayed force, allowing the operator to track the force above or below a specific reference point.

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